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June 28, 2011

A whitening plus soap

Hortaleza, MD Illuminous Plus Gluthathione Soap

Product Category:
Whitening Soap

Php55.00 (90g)
Php79.00 (130g)

Available at:
All HBC stores nationwide.
For more info, visit www.hbc.com.ph.

Chantal, working mom

I'm a picky person when it comes to soaps. I want soaps that pamper and moisturize my skin, leaving it soft and smooth. And not just that, I want my soaps to have a mild scent.

I'm not very fond of soaps with strong scents whose brands could probably be easily identified by other people around me. Or soaps that irritate my skin with dryness, resulting to rashes.

At first, I was not very keen to use Hortaleza, M.D. Illuminous plus Glutathione Soap because I'm content with my typical Pinay, fair complexion.

Reading the packaging of Hortaleza, M.D. Illuminous plus Glutathione Soap, it says: It nourishes and revitalizes skin; whitens and moisturizes skin; ideal for the face and body; and tts active ingredient is Glutathione.

I have been using this soap for more than three weeks and, surprisingly, I find that I can even use it on my face.

I have had horror encounters with certain brands of facial wash, but the Hortaleza, M.D. soap doesn't cause any dryness on my skin. With its moisturizing ingredients and mild scent, I can use it everyday.

The question is, did it whiten my skin? I'm not really sure because none of my co-workers has noticed any change in the color my complexion. I guess, only time will tell.

The Hortaleza MD Iluminous Plus Line comes with a body wash, body mask, hand and body lotion, facial wash, facial toner, day cream, night cream, and whitening capsules.

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Very effective 100% love it:)

Posted by ghie on Wednesday, 07.6.11 @ 11:45am

I love soaps with mild scent, too.

Posted by Macky on Thursday, 06.30.11 @ 15:55pm

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